Happy Sunday everyone!

Guess it’s time for us to take our turn at our official COVID-19 mitigation message. I’m sure you’ve already received a bazillion emails about this but we DO need to help you understand a few things we’ve ALWAYS done here at Polished and what we’re ramping up in light of heightened concerns.
First, know this. As a high-end salon and medical spa. We have, and always utilized a higher than normal level of cleanliness and sanitation. Rest assured, we’ll continue to operate with the extraordinary standards we have always had. I’d like to point out a few specific things I believe need to be highlighted.
  • Our pedicure chairs are pipeless and are the safest and cleanest available on the market today
  • We have a very strong and filtered HVAC system.
  • Every facial room has hospital grade UV sanitizers for any and all tool used during facials
  • All Medical Spa equipment is cleansed before and after every service with antimicrobial and antiviral cleaners
  • All linens are washed and sanitized for every client
  • All shared hard-surface areas are cleaned in between every client to ensure maximum cleanliness
As an elevated measure, our amazing staff will be ever vigilant to ensure that Polished remains a respite from stress and worry for you. If, when you arrive for your service, you’d like to see a contact surface wiped down again, we are happy to oblige your request.
If you are not feeling well…
We do request that if you are feeling ill in the slightest way that you please reschedule your appointment for a later time to ensure the continued comfort and safety for your fellow spa-goers and our staff.
As a small, local, woman owned business, we rely on you, our local community, to stay in business and feed the 20+ families that rely on Polished Spa for their livelihood. We LOVE to serve you and we will be here to help you relax if you are feeling stressed. Please continue to come in, relax and allow us to pamper you for a time to help you feel revitalized!
A special offer for you…
As a way to mitigate the impact of this on the families that depend on Polished and a thank you for supporting us. I’m going to run a significant discount on Printable Gift Certificates. This is our BIGGEST DISCOUNT!
You can order these online and use them when you like. This offer will only last for this week so get em while you can!
Spa time is “you” time and is critical self-care to keep you optimally healthy!
Since Polished is “Salon, Spa and WELLNESS. We’d like to bring some focus to what you can do to boost your own immune system.
  • RELAX- come in, get a massage and some pampering to reduce your stress level. Stress can harm your well being. Book an appointment with us to keep yourself stress-free and healthy.
  • BOOST your immune system. We have a variety of M’lis Supplements that are proven to help strengthen your immune system. Two of the MOST POWERFUL things you should supplement with is VITAMIN D and SELENIUM. M’lis VITAL has high levels of SELENIUM and other immune boosting antioxidants. We have limited stock left right now and we expect to be out of stock shortly. However, we DO have the option to send it to you, directly from our suppliers warehouse to your home. This is especially good if you want to limit your travel. You may get your Vitamin D and Vital from the link below.


  • STRENGTHEN your body’s natural barrier, your skin. Come in and get a body treatment to keep your skin hydrated and strong. DRY, DAMAGED skin is more susceptible to infection than healthy, hydrated skin. To further support your own immune system, pick up some skin care from us and keep your skin strong.
You are family to us, thank you for your continued patronage and allowing us to serve you and help you be the healthiest and happiest you can be.
-Stacie and the Polished Family