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Polished Salon, Spa & Wellness offers exclusive body sculpting treatment in Central PA. Step into our soothing spa, sit back and enjoy our non-invasive, effective treatment for long-lasting slimming results. Our age-defying body contouring treatment allows you to enjoy the benefits of toning, tightening and smoothing skin, giving your body the opportunity to hit rewind and refresh. All of this in just the span of your lunch break!

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How Does Body Sculpting Work?

Body sculpting involves a series of short treatments that break down fat cells without using surgery. At Polished Spa, we use the renowned Venus Versa technology to destroy fat, using energy delivered by multi-polar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields. These heated pulses increase collagen fibers — helping to tighten wrinkles and loose skin — while shrinking the volume of fat cells. Goodbye cellulite, hello younger skin!

Our body sculpting treatment can be used virtually anywhere on your body, reshaping your thighs, abdomen, bottom, arms, legs and more.

Benefits of Body Contouring

There are plenty of benefits to tapping into professional body contouring services:

  • Treats fat and skin: Instead of just targeting fat cells, the Venus Versa treatment breaks down stubborn fat and tightens the skin. This is particularly beneficial for those over 50 or those who have undergone major weight loss and body changes.
  • Low risk: Instead of a drastic surgical approach, our treatments are non-invasive and comparatively very low risk. You’ll enjoy a significantly faster and milder recovery time compared to surgical contouring, with most side effects vanishing after a day or two.
  • Long-term results: After your treatments, you can work to maintain your new ideal shape through healthy habits and a good diet without fear of the destroyed fat cells returning.

Venus Versa for Body Slimming

Venus Versa body contouring is known for its effectiveness and adaptability. Polished Spa uses this multi-platform machine for a variety of aesthetic treatments, from hair removal to wrinkle reduction, to rejuvenate your body with a youthful glow. Just let us know the areas of your body you’d like to touch up and tighten, and we can use this advanced heated technology to create the look you’re after.

The Venus Versa approach comes with many perks. Our patients love that Venus Versa is quick and convenient, with one treatment lasting no more than 30 minutes. You can easily squeeze an appointment into a lunch break or gap in your workday. Our short, effective sessions come with added features to provide the most comfortable experience possible.

After your treatment, you’ll need little or no downtime to bounce back to normal. Enjoy bonus unique benefits of Venus Versa care:

  • Softer wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tighter, stronger skin
  • A slimmer, more toned body
  • Quick and noticeable results
  • Customizable options, giving you the choice of which areas to target

Polished Spa’s Body Contouring Treatment Process

At Polished Spa, we aim to find the balance between convenient treatment sessions and results that you’ll love. To do this, we offer treatments that last no longer than 30 minutes per session.

During these sessions, we use advanced Venus Versa technology to safely deliver energy below the skin’s surface, tightening skin and reducing the circumference for a more defined shape. We offer packages of 8-10 sessions, with a minimum of 8 sessions. Sessions should be scheduled consistently once a week for the best results.

Treatment results are long-lasting and highly effective for most individuals. However, since your skin will continue to age over time, we recommended maintenance treatments every few months.

Body Sculpting


The price and duration of the treatment vary according to which body area and size you’re looking to treat. For example, sculpting arms will cost less and require less time than your legs. Please note that we accept Care Credit for treatments.

We are currently offering $199 for an intro session and 20% off all packages!

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