Away We Glow Facial: 60 minutes $99

Is your skin feeling dull? Are you ready to radiate inside and out? Reveal and renew with this brightening facial.

  • A creamy green tea wash cleanses and calms.
  • An alcohol-free juice tonic refreshes using botanicals and superfruit extracts all while illuminating the skin for 24 hours with time-released peptides!
  • A blackberry and papaya fruit acid mask reveals and renews dull skin using 5% lactic and magic acid. C
  • alm the skin with our Guac Star Avocado Mask- cool and refreshing, super hydrating!
  • Illuminate dark spots with a vitamin-enhanced serum loaded with peptidal waves.
  • Seal in the goodness with an advanced peptide, retinol-rich whipped facial mousse.
  • End with an eye-perfecting serum to help keep the crow’s feet away!

Citrus Lemongrass Cooler Mani/Pedi: $62

Let crisp notes of cucumber dance as your feet nestle in a warm soak. Rough patches will be smoothed away with our lemongrass ginger sugar scrub. Finish with a Shea Butter rubdown that has scents of delicious lemongrass and green melon. Includes a hydrating foot mask using our honey heel glaze!

Watermelon Black Currant Massage: 60 minutes $85, 90 minutes $110

This Swedish massage will target points to relieve stress and muscle tension – all with a splash of fruity fun. Warm towels infused with vitamin E and the light scent of a fresh, crisp watermelon and basil cocktail are placed on feet and face. Breathe in and out – you’re up, up, and away floating within the clouds! Skin is then massaged with a blackcurrant extract body oil using long flowing strokes and deep circular motions. This hydrating oil is rich with vitamins A & C that pull double-duty by helping prevent premature aging, as antioxidants aid in repairing and nourishing damaged skin. You, my darling, are now silky, soothed and supple to the touch.

Glow and Get It Brightening Body Wrap: 75 minutes $99

Prepare yourself for a summer body with this fabulous body wrap! No more lackluster skin!

  • Warm passion fruit-infused towels will prepare your skin for the brisk exfoliation using our Muscadine Moonshine Body Polish. (smells like grapes)
  • Next, we will brush on our Wine Down Super Antioxidant Recovery Serum to reverse the hands of time and smooth over fine lines and crepey skin.
  • We will then cocoon you in warm towels and let you relax!
  • Finally, an application using our Harvest Green Shea Butter infused with organic cucumber extract will be applied to nourish and hydrate!

Pear & Lemongrass Body Cocktail: 50 minutes $69

Get ready for summer with this dreamy body exfoliation. Start with an application of warm towels infused with our Nectar Milk Soak. Your skin will drink up the deliciousness of the crafted blend of fermented and crushed pears using our Brandy Pear Body Polish. Let us rehydrate dull, winter skin with the finishing touch of the vitamin E infused Harvest Green Shea Butter. This amazing body cocktail is also Gluten free!