A Splash of Youth: 50 Minutes $105

A creamy cleanse with calming green tea properties washes away the day to prep for a citrus splash of hydration with a vitamin C-infused tonic! 

You’ll dazzle them all after a shea sugar crystal exfoliation clears away any rough, dry skin. Next, an avocado mask is painted on to hydrate and revamp your glow. 

Skin is then nourished with a round of resveratrol found in an age-defending serum. We end with an application of hyaluronic acid, a botanical milk moisturizer and an eye perfecting serum!

a splash of youth hyaluronic booster facial


Fire & Ice Fruit Acid Facial: 50 Minutes $110

A crisp, foaming cleanser clears complexion so pores can absorb a cucumber water toner and all its clarifying nutrients like caffeic acid! Next, a skin-renewing mask made with naturally occurring fruit acids from papaya, organic U.S. grown blackberries and aronia fruit adds a little tingle while working its magic!

An avocado extract mask is then massaged in using chilled facial globes — beginning at the neck and going all the way up to the forehead in gentle circular motions.

We end with a brightening peptide and watercress extract serum — feel another dose of chill, compliments of our facial globes. An ageless eye serum is the cherry on top to hydrate and alleviate the appearance of crow’s feet!

Fire and ice facial