M’lis Nutritional Supplements is the only brand that we found to fill our clients needs for premium quality without the premium price. When we seek brands to work with it is important that they actually work. Not only that, they must provide high value too. This is precisely why Stacie chose M’lis. M’lis Nutritional Supplements because they are premium and all natural. M’lis has been around for over 40 years and has an unrivaled track record. We know that combining top-notch skin care and services with premium quality supplements gives you a distinct advantage for your beauty and wellness needs.  We began implementing M’lis ourselves a few years ago and as a result, our skin looks amazing and our health has never been better!


M'lis Wellness System image of weight loss kit, daily essentials, detoxification kit and meal replacement shake

M’lis Wellness System will help your body reach a state of homeostasis. Start using the system now and combine with a healthy way of eating AND consistent exercise. The sooner you do this you can reach your optimal wellness goals!

For clients concerned about aging or damaged skin we have an amazing skin-boosting “skintrition” combo that is proven to boost your age defying results. The power trio you must have is RADIANCE, EPO and VITAL.

M’lis is available exclusively to qualified wellness centers, day spas, and doctor’s offices only.

We keep a complete inventory of M’lis Supplements in stock at our Lemoyne, PA location.

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