Polished chose the M’lis Company products and programs to have the ability to cater to a variety of health concerns. M’lis supplements are all-natural and they know the source of every ingredient. Experience and reputation is important; M’lis has been around for over 30 years. Wellness, Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, Immune System Recovery, Hormone Balancing, Candida, and Arthritis are among the many spa programs that we have available to help our clients find health and wellness.

We educate our clients on how to utilize M’lis products to enhance their health and wellness. We are with you every step of the way offering coaching, support, and encouragement on a daily or weekly basis, whichever works best for you.

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M'Lis Wellness System

M’lis is available exclusively to qualified wellness centers, day spas, and doctor’s offices only.

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