Professional Products for at home care.

Since the beginning of Polished Salon, Spa & Wellness Stacie has sought effective and high quality products for her staff and clients. Stacie only partners with manufacturers who combine organic ingredients, responsible harvesting and the best of science. We care about you, our loyal clients. Stacie researches how our select manufacturers develop, create and test what we recommend from them.

We offer a superb range of Hair Care, Skin Care and Health & Wellness products.  Here are our top three!

KEVIN.MURPHY is long known as one of the best in hair care.  They combine responsibly harvested herbs and combine them with the best of science to bring together great skin care for your hair.

Epionce Skin Care combines botanical ingredients and effective science to give you truly lasting results.  In fact, Epionce is owned by a practicing dermatologist.

M’lis is our wellness partner who provides the purest and most effective Beauty Nutrition Supplements in the spa industry.  M’lis brings back simple, clean, effective supplements to help you reach your health and beauty goals.


Our team of technicians, L.M.T.’s and wellness consultants are highly trained and will recommend only the most effective at home care products for you to achieve your best results.  We educate and stand behind what we offer.  You can expect that during your service you will educated and then be able to take home and use the same effective products our professionals use.  Imagine being able to repeat the results at home that you receive at Polished!


Should you have a question after a purchase on how to use products you purchased from Polished you can be assured we are happy to guide you on how to use them effectively.  Stay tuned for news about how to’s from our spa and salon professionals.

*results may vary from person to person