Professional Manicures in Central PA

Do your nails look like you’ve been digging for rocks?  Do you have thin nails that need some help?  Polished has a variety of manicures to help you look your best. Let us take care of you. You deserve it! Our manicure modalities range from a simple color change to full on custom acrylics for special occasions. Our technicians customize your service for your needs. You will leave satisfied and beautified. We have hundreds of nail and gel colors to choose from!  Whether you choose Fancy Nail art, a French Manicure, a Gel Manicure, or just a buff and polish, we have it all for you!

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What to expect

You are greeted with a smile when you come through our front door. Our friendly staff will check you in and offer you a refreshment.  We offer infused waters, wine, coffee or tea. Next, we will guide you to our Polish racks where you will select your polish or gel color from our color wall.  (We have over 400 colors!) After you select your color, we then bring you to your technician’s table for your manicure.  Have a seat, relax and we will do the work for you.

Enhanced Manicure Service

We do our best to run on-time but occasionally your nails will need special attention.  Your appointment could run longer than scheduled.  This may be the case for clients before you. We appreciate your understanding if your scheduled appointment is delayed slightly.  Be assured that we are committed to giving each and every client a complete service.

*results may vary from person to person

Polish Change

An express service that includes polish and nail shaping.

  • Hands (15 minutes): $20
  • Feet (25 minutes): $26
  • Combo (40 minutes): $44
  • Add French: $6

Signature Manicure

Nails are shaped, then soaked in a warm cleansing bath. Cuticles are tended to and a relaxing hand and arm massage is performed. Next, your nails are buffed and polished. Choose from a variety of polishes or buff to a glossy shine.

  • $36

Spa Manicure

A luxurious hand softening treatment. After the signature manicure is performed, a skin smoothing exfoliant is applied and a hydrating mask is applied. Then our Collagen gloves and warm mitts are applied leaving your hands soft and silky.

  • $49

French Manicure

This polish style is a crisp, lean, all natural look and is available for finger and toe nails. Please add 15 minutes to the time of the service.

  • $44

Gelish "No Chip" Manicure

This new technology is a soak off gel applied like nail polish. It cures like UV gel and is dry when you leave. So no smudging, or mess ups. It also lasts for 2-3 weeks. That means no chipping or peeling. It is not damaging to your natural like like acrylics and it actually helps them stay strong and long with proper care. It is recommenced for the salon to remove the Gelish.

  • $43

Hard Gel

  • New Set: $80

Hand Paraffin Treatment

Using warm paraffin wax fortified with Vitamin E, hands are placed in cloth mitts to help with the penetration of the moisturizer. Wax is then removed as smoother, silkier skin is revealed. Results can last for up to two weeks and is a great treatment for arthritic hands. This can be added to any service.

  • Approximately 15 minutes: $12

Acrylic Nails

This service is an artificial nail application using a tip to lengthen and top-grade OPI acrylic to create beautiful nails. Designed for persons whose nails are difficult to grow or encounter such problems as splitting, peeling, dryness, and brittleness.

  • Full/New set; approximately 2 hours: $75 - $100
  • Nail Art Basic: $5 - $7
  • Nail Art Fancy: $10 - $15
  • Nail Art "OMG": $25 - $50

Fiberglass (wraps) Nails

safer alternative than acrylics for those persons having difficulty growing their own natural nails. The application is also done using a tip to lengthen but instead, applying a fiberglass material over the nail and tip to achieve beautiful natural looking nails. This service is not practical for all persons and some may be unable to use this method. Consult with your nail technician before scheduling this service.

  • Approximately 90 minutes: $65 - $85


This is the maintenance required approximately every 2 weeks on acrylic or fiberglass nails. During the 2 weeks you nails continue to grow, requiring a fill to even out the ridge between your artificial and natural nail. At this time, the shape, length, and overall balance of the nail is perfected.

  • Acrylic Fill: $40 & up
  • Acrylic Fill with Gel Polish: $45 & up
  • Fill w/ Stacie: $55
  • Fill w/ Robin: $65
  • Fill w/ Sequoia: $45
  • Fill w/ Emerald: $50 - $55

Buff and Polish

This procedure is intended for those who like weekly maintenance on acrylic or fiberglass nails. We re-glue, then buff and polish.

  • Approximately 45 minutes: $27


  • New Set: $80

Men's Manicure

  • $28