I am so glad with my decision to try the m’lis products offered at Polished Salon and Spa! The Total Body Cleanse was the perfect solution to kick-starting my healthier lifestyle! By completing the Total Body Cleanse I lost pounds and no longer have cravings for unhealthy foods. Even as a Type 1 diabetic with an Insulin Pump, I was able to complete the Total Body Cleanse with no complications. In fact, my levels have never been under better control and my daily insulin rate is lower! It was a little challenging during the all liquid days to stick to the plan, but Kristen and Stacie checked in with my each day and were a huge help in keeping my focused and motivated to complete the cleanse!

The Essential Greens give me a great boost of energy for the day. I loved the way the Essential Greens made me feel so much that I continue to drink them every day – I no longer need my morning cup of coffee!

My first Contour Body Wrap resulted in an overall loss of 9 inches! Even a month later I have kept the inches off and weight off by sticking to my healthier lifestyle.
With the help of the All Natural Weight Loss supplements I am continuing to loose pounds each week! I have more energy and focus, I never go hungry, my overall mood is better and my confidence level is at an all-time high! Can’t wait to try the Instant Meals!

Thank you to the staff at Polished Salon and Spa for being professional, knowledgeable, friendly, motivating and supportive during my m’lis experience.