TOTAL BODY CLEANSE – Both my boyfriend and I decided to try this “cleanse” thing at Polished as it was starring me down every time I came in for my appointment. We both looked at it with skeptical eye but wanted to get back on track with exercising and weight loss and hoped that this would give us a nice springboard to start the process, again. We didn’t do it to specifically lose weight, we certainly hoped for that during the process. Both he and I eat pretty healthy during the week, it is the weekend that we tend to fall off the wagon with food and drinks. Since we were hoping the cleanse would give us a jump start we decided to give it a try. I have to be honest, the green drink mix was a bit tough to drink (adding a lot of very cold water and ice really helps). The first two days were fine; however, the water, lemon, maple syrup for three days is a bit more challenging. Having someone to do it with helps a lot because you can keep each other on track and stay very busy so as not to think about not eating anything. The drink itself wasn’t bad and you aren’t hungry, which was a big surprise. It is more of a mind game because you want to eat, not that you need to eat. The last two days were a breeze because you get to eat food again. We were both very proud of ourselves for making it the whole week and were happy with the way we felt in the end. Losing over 11 pounds each was a benefit and made the process even better. Since doing the cleanse over two months ago we have been exercising four to five days a week and eating much better with making an effort to no longer snack. I would absolutely recommend the total body cleanse; however, having someone do it with you just makes it so much easier!