Beauty Nutrition is very important to keep your complexion clear.  In addition to our advanced topical skin care solutions from Epionce and Skin Medica, an internal approach must be taken for absolute resolution. Polished Salon, Spa & Wellness is the only local Day Spa that offers a complete solution. Our friends at M’lis have researched and developed the best supplements to help you have the healthiest skin possible.  Regardless if you have acne, aging skin, rosacea, psoriasis, hyper-pigmentation or eczema; we have a solution for you.

Personalized Solutions for Skin Beauty Nutrition

Skin Revitalizationmlis radiance

Radiance Collagen Beauty Drink

Adding Hydrolyzed Collagen Type 2, MSM, Lycopene, CoQ10, and Lycopene helps your body regenerate fresh, youthful skin.  It also speeds healing in clients who have had ablative procedures to resurface the skin. Simply put, there is no better collagen supplement available on the market today.

Acne Combo (Enzyme, E.P.O., Probiotic)

Enzyme Adding Digestive enzymes improves digestion and nutrient absorption. Vital Nutrients are necessary for clear, beautiful skin.

E.P.O. (Evening Primrose Oil) Omega 6 fatty acid helps regulate hormonal acne. EPO helps repair cell structure and skin elasticity.

Probiotic Probiotics help control unhealthy bacteria. Poor digestion and bacteria leads to toxicity and inflammation which leads to acne.  Learn more about Probiotic health here!


Aging Skin Combo (Antioxidant Essentials, B12, DHEA)

Antioxidant Essentials– Fights Free Radicals that damage cell DNA and accelerate wrinkle formation. This daily drink is packed with easily absorbed nutrients.

B12 Helps skin improve balance, texture, and moisture retention in the skin.

DHEA Helps increase epidermal thickness of skin, sebum production, hydration and skin pigmentation.



Rosacea Combo (Enzyme, E.P.O., Probiotic)

Enzyme There is a link between rosacea and low hydrochloric acid secretion of the stomach.  Lack of absorption of nutrients can lead to rosacea.

E.P.O. (Evening Primrose Oil) Helps produce prostaglandins which stimulate contraction of blood vessels. Helps to reduce inflammation.

Probiotic By maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in the gut, probiotics can reduce the inflammation that causes skin sensitivity.




Psoriasis Combo (Vitamin D, E.P.O., Probiotic)

Vitamin D Vitamin D changes the way cells grow by slowing plaque growth. It stimulates a healthy immune system.

EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) Omega 6 fatty acid helps regulate hormonal acne. EPO helps repair cell structure and skin elasticity.

Probiotic Introduces healthy bacteria to help build the immune system. Digestive issues are linked to psoriasis.





Hyperpigmentation (UV) Combo (Antioxidant Essentials, E.P.O., Vital)

Antioxidant Essentials Free radicals damage skin cell DNA. This drink mix is packed with essential vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients the skin needs.

EPO (Evening Primrose Oil)  Softens skin and generates new skin cells. Hyperpigmentation* will lighten and dark circles will fade.

Vital Antioxidants help control free radicals that result in skin pigmentation changes.

*If hyperpigmentation is hormonally caused, follow hormone balancing personal solution.

*results may vary from person to person